Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mail for God

The Prayers Room is an interactive installation created for the exhibition “ID-Contemporary Art Indonesia” in Berlin. It is an outgrowth of the multi-site, multi-disciplinary and ongoing project Birdprayers.

A mailbox was placed inside a narrow, doorless room along with a table and a chair, paper and a blue felt-tip pen. 

The Prayers Room gave people the possibility to interact anonymously, freely and openly by writing individual letters and posting them in the mailbox which we called ‘Mail For God’. 

Here are some of the almost 300 letters people wrote:

Nya Luong and JC Lanca, the directors of the event "ID- Contemporary Art Indonesia", published a little booklet with more of these letters in a limited edition of 300. If you want to get your own copy, look in our shop:

1 comment:

perjalanan segelas susu said...

ya tuhan,
bagaimana aku bisa menjadi anonymous jika kita tidak lagi membutuhkan 'nama-nama' di dalam mesin lacak ini? demikian terkenalnya aku dan teman-temanku (dengan mudah) karena kami dengan sukarela menyerahkan diri. semoga penyerahan diri ini berguna bagi kebaikan hidup anak cucu kelak. amin. otty