Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Workshop, Yogyakarta, 2011

This workshop is an extension of the Birdprayers project, involving around 60 elementary school kids from a little village in Bantul. While the workshop was done in an Islamic School with the aim to open eyes to diversity of religions in multicultural societies, Sara and Arya were building a dialogue with the childern by making masks in the various shapes of holy buildings. 
The next step of the workshop was that the children were encouraged to write a letter to God on the mask, so we could see an intimate expression and conversation by them with God; hoping to learn about their dreams and hopes and to notice that those are similar to all childern, no matter their culture or religion. 
At the end of the workshop the kids were lead in a procession while wearing their masks, toward an open field where their wishes and dreams could be sent into the universe.

This workshop happened with the support of Jogja Biennale 2011, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Camara by artists and  Kosong Tiga. Edited by Siska Raharja.